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13 best surprise sale discounts after the Lululemon 2021 holidays


Yes, we know all of those pre-Christmas sales * literally * ended. Yes, we know you probably just got a bunch of holiday gifts. But when Lululemon has a sale it’s impossible not to enjoy. Departure Friday December 24 at 1:00 p.m. PST and through Tuesday January 4 at 11:00 a.m. PST, Lululemon’s post-holiday promotions can get you big discounts-like, up to 56% OFF (!!) -on a bunch of your favorite merchandise, including leggings, compression shorts, sports bras, loungewear, and more. So … it doesn’t matter what Santa forgot to leave under the tree for you at Christmas, you can just go out and buy yourself, okay?

You can find post-holiday specials on products from all categories, and a coupon code is not needed to mark these offers. Lululemon will also be adding new specials on December 31st to prepare for the New Years, so be sure to keep refreshing this page to see what other deals pop up. Here are the 13 best Lululemon post-holiday deals you can get right now, including a HUGE discount on your favorite Align Pocket Leggings !! Is there a better way to ring in 2022? We don’t think so.

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this pretty bra

Align Reversible Bra


$ 58 $ 39 (33% off)

This bra is reversible, offers light support and juuuust as soft as the butter of your favorite Align leggings.


these fan favorite leggings

Line up high waist pants with pockets


$ 138 $ 99 (28% off)

Speaking of Align leggings! You can score a pair with pockets for just a fraction of the regular price rn.


these short joggers

Ready to Rulu Jogger Crop


$ 98 $ 79 (20% off)

Soft sweat-wicking joggers, perfect for working out and going out? It is an automatic addition to the cart.


this crossed bra

Energy bra


$ 52 $ 39 (25% off)

Need a little more support? This versatile medium support bra is designed for training, yoga and a cute AF look.


this fluffy sweater

1/2 Zip Textured Fleece


$ 138 $ 89 (35% off)

Presentation: the plush half-zip that you will wear for the rest of the season.


this running vest

Down For It All Vest


$ 148 $ 119 (20% off)

Whether you wear it on a jog or just for ~ fashun ~, this insulated gilet is a cold-weather staple.


this cozy sweatshirt

Perfectly oversized crew


$ 108 $ 79 (27% off)

Say it with me: you can never have too many crew neck sweatshirts.


this compression shorts

Base Pace High Waist Shorts


$ 58 $ 39 (33% off)

The bike shorts have A Moment rn, and this lightweight compression pair is one of the best.


this insulating jacket

Down jacket for everything


$ 198 $ 159 (20% off)

This stretch fleece coat has all the warmth without the bulk.


these lightweight leggings

Quick & Free High Waist Tights


$ 128 $ 99 (23% off)

Lightweight but resistant to squats, these babies are ideal for everything from running to races.


this anti-sweat bra

Bra all powered


$ 88 $ 39 (56% off)

Sweaty breasts will be a thing of the past with this medium impact sports bra.


this silky scrunchie

Uplifting scrunchie


$ 8 $ 4 (50% off)

Who couldn’t use a new darling (or two … or three …)? Get them now while they’re half down.


these breathable leggings

Wunder Train High Rise Tights


$ 98 $ 79 (20% off)

People with a lot of sweat can also use these lightweight leggings, which are designed to be very breathable and to wick sweat quickly when on the move.

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