Holiday season

5 popular decoration trends for the holiday season 2021

Each holiday season tends to produce different fads – the ones that sometimes make people say, “Why the hell was that so popular?”

This year looks no different, with new trends more coveted by those who want to get in the holiday spirit through decorating.

Here are five popular holiday decorating trends for 2021.

Neon Colors

Instead of the traditional red and green, many prefer bright neon colors when looking for signs, crafts, tableware or stockings, according to Etsy.

The red and green combo is always popular, but having those colors in neon seems like an extra step people are taking.


It’s more than just a flag at the end of a car race or a chess board design.

The checkerboard pattern has become a sought-after design for items such as wrapping paper, blankets, artwork, or other crafts, according to Etsy.

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Mushrooms could be a power source in Super Mario games – and a popular pizza topping, but they also serve another purpose this holiday season.

Somehow, mushrooms have become a popular decorative item.

Whether it’s ornaments, cookware, crafts or other decorations, Etsy said searches for mushroom decor increased 366% on its site.

Non-electronic items

It has a lot to do with activities and not necessarily decoration, but there are still style elements that people want in the name of getting away from electronics a bit, according to Etsy.

Whether it’s chess or checkerboards that fit well in a living room, warm and stylish blankets or DIY kits, many people are choosing to step away from screens for the holidays.

Fuzzy items

Finally, soft and cozy, having stuffed or furry blankets, pillows, crafts, wreaths, trees, or ornaments is a must for many people this holiday season, according to PureWow.

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