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Coach Mike Guevera and Jrue Holiday remain active during NBA suspension

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (WVUE) – When the NBA suspended its season on March 11, there was a ton of uncertainty, not only with when the season might return, but how to proceed with training and conditioning during a global pandemic which put an end to our normal daily life.

“Especially in the first moment of the shutdown, we knew that there would be at least four weeks that we would not do anything in terms of the NBA,” says coach Mike Guevera.

Often seen on Instagram as “Mr. Do It Moving,” Pelicans goalie personal trainer Jrue Holiday said they immediately made the most of their time. They started by reducing all the inflammation they could in her body that had built up throughout the season. The next step:

“How do I nurture this athletic specimen and get him into top shape and keep him in top shape so that if and when the season returns he’s ready to go full blast?” Guevera wondered.

This is where his expertise as a coach comes in. He says he defines an athlete as anyone who can learn a skill quickly, which is how he was able to effectively coach Holiday on a pitch. football instead of a traditional basketball court or gymnasium.

“It’s a lot easier as a coach and coach to be like, ‘Alright, we’re going to go this type of course, cut hard here, break the feet, make it look like a euro step, then end up like a dunk, “” says Guevera. “Boom. (He) performs it perfectly.

From working on the soccer field to swimming, yes, it’s a little different style for some basketball players, but it all serves a purpose.

“There’s not a lot of stress or impact force,” says Guevera. “Impact force, you traditionally want to save for the short. Keep the joints. Save all the jumps and sprints for the short. Adapt the training to his style of play. Very physical, does not take defense lightly, takes pride in playing defense. Can we build a bulletproof vest so that when people get up and keep fives and fours, is it much more effective at doing it? “

And while being forced to train outside of typical gym formats isn’t the most convenient, Guevera says there are some benefits to working out outside as well.

“Just keep using the outdoor space,” Guevera explains. “Use whatever creativity we can draw on. And enjoy the outdoors, because it’s free, why not?

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