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Crews clear debris from Holiday Inn site; plans remain unknown | Latest titles

Construction crews are finishing clearing debris around the site of a long-awaited Holiday Inn near central Bristol, but no permits have been reactivated to proceed with construction of the 141-room, seven-storey hotel.

The construction of the hotel stopped more than a year ago after a partial collapse of the building. The site remained silent while issues associated with the partial collapse were thought to be related to legal and insurance disputes.

In recent days, construction officials “came to us and told us that they had carried out all inspections of the site by all parties involved”, Karl Cooler, Bristol’s code administrator, said in the Tennessee.

The partially constructed hotel sits next to the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, near the intersection of State Street and Volunteer Parkway on the Tennessee side of State Street.

“They asked if they needed to do anything to clean up the site. They have indicated that they have completed all site inspections with all parties involved and will begin their cleanup,” Cooler said. “Right now, cleanup is all they are doing.

When or if construction should resume is not yet known.

“They didn’t tell city officials whether they would drop the project or move forward,” he said. “They have a permit that has been suspended since construction was suspended. The permits that are in place are still in place. It’s just on hold at the moment until they decide how they’re going to proceed.

If completed, the hotel would be a great addition to the city centre, said Maggie Elliott, executive director of Believe in Bristol. “It’s exciting for Bristol to have more accommodation options.”

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