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Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Manila Galleria receive 2021 IHG Giving for Good award

We are more than honored and grateful to receive the IHG Giving for Good award for both hotels – Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria and Holiday Inn Manila Galleria for the year 2021.

Since the program’s inception in September 2018, Giving for Good month has seen IHG colleagues provide more than 300,000 acts of kindness in our communities around the world. The impact of Covid-19 means we weren’t able to host our traditional Giving for Good month of action in 2020, however, we did things a little differently, hosting our very first Giving for Good Awards, which celebrated the efforts of more than 28,000 colleagues around the world.

This past September, the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Manila Galleria celebrated Giving for Good month as well as ‘R Love’ care – coming together to make positive change in the communities around us by volunteering, caring. environment and making a difference for our associates. health and wellbeing. What is heartwarming for those who participated in these initiatives is that they willingly shared out of pocket to fund these good deeds and donate to other worthy causes that support charitable partnerships.

Despite the lockdown, we firmly believe that we can continue to do great things within our organization and even expand into the community we are in. The positive energy that snowballed inspired our 200 colleagues who participated in spreading acts of love and kindness. This is real hospitality.

Each department has organized its unique employee-funded initiative while hotels have their own company-initiated efforts.

The Ministry of Finance has taken note of the Little Sisters of the Elderly of San Juan to gather resources to feed and provide for the 100 grandmothers.

For the sake of the environment, the engineering team used their gardening skills in the hotel’s 5th floor garden. In order to start planting, they cleared the area, watered it, put up fences and planted small trees and medicinal plants. This was followed by a clean-up campaign along Ortigas Avenue in collaboration with the local barangay.

Nurse Ton Delgado is a lawyer and Tai Chi practitioner. He freely shared his expertise with our colleagues and instructed a program. He spoke about its benefits – it can boost our immune system and reduce anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. This was completed with a Yoga session, a good start for our colleagues to practice mindfulness and meditation.

RISE Alumna and Rooms Division Managers, Regina Sta. Cruz and Dennise Gallardo have chosen to raise awareness of self-confidence and expression through #IAMRemarkable. This 90-minute workshop was designed based on powerful partnerships between Google and IHG.

To recognize the first passengers – Pasig Blue Boys and the Airport Front passengers, the hotel rewarded them for a day with a bento meal at the hotel. It’s our way of saying “Thank you, for the work you do!”. The Food & Beverage department took this to the next level when they pooled their own resources to deliver more bento lunch sets to another group of frontline customers – Grab, Lalamove and Food Panda delivery people. . They set up a booth outside the hotel aisle for the passing hungry delivery men.

Our hotel employees ran a blood donation campaign for cancer patients at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. For childcare, Front Office made a personal contribution by donating cribs.

Biker enthusiasts from different departments merged passion and purpose by collecting 100 food packs from their personal contributions to give as they cycled around the city. The sight was just heartwarming as the bikers pulled up to hand over food packages to the homeless, street children and poor along the way.

The month was also our way of thanking the hardworking housekeeping teams. We let them play, win prizes and promote camaraderie during an eventful Olympic week.

Finally, we have chosen HOPE Community Facility in Quezon City as the beneficiary of linens and toiletries. HOPE cares for asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 patients at their 200-bed facility in Quezon City.

General Manager Barun Jolly said: “It is truly amazing and heartwarming that around 80% of our total workforce participated in the program, supporting 5 institutions and distributing over 300 food packs distributed. It filled the hotel with so much happiness, love and hope. We believe in truly giving back to the community and we hope to create a lasting positive impact.

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