Holiday season

Dealing with Mental Health Issues This Holiday Season

It’s the holidays, an amazing time of year for many, but it’s also a tough time of year for some.

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“When people say it’s the happiest time of the year, for a lot of people it’s not the happiest time,” explained Dr. Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist and drug addiction physician. “It’s the most stressful. It brings up a lot of conflict within families sometimes. It brings up your financial struggles because you’re there, running around trying to get everyone presents, and then you put COVID on top of that, and it really is the perfect storm of misery for some people.”

So what can you do to boost your mental health?

Bober said first and foremost that self-care is key. More importantly, he said that includes eating well and sleeping well. He also said that exercise is huge, calling it the best natural antidepressant there is.

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Beyond that, Bober recommended writing down a list of things to be grateful for, and he also said to volunteer, because those two things will make you feel good.

“I get a lot of questions,” Bober added, “should we have a big Christmas party? Should I see my family? I have a lot of conflict with my uncle and aunt and with my drinking mom. What should I do? “So I think it’s important to maintain boundaries. I think it’s important to make sure some hot topics don’t get discussed, just stay away from any controversial topics right now and just try to enjoy being together. “


For resources to help combat mental health issues, click here.

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