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DTSF Holiday Inn Celebrates 50 Years With Major Renovation

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – One of downtown Sioux Falls’ most iconic buildings just celebrated a milestone, with a big announcement for a major renovation currently underway.

KELOLAND News was there in January 1972 when the Holiday Inn City Center welcomed its first guests.

“Last week we celebrated our 50th anniversary, and what could be better than a facelift at 50,” said Nichelle Lund, corporate sales manager for the Holiday Inn City Center.

Now, Lund says South Dakota’s largest hotel is undergoing a major renovation of its 290 rooms.

“We have all the new gray vinyl walls, and then this gorgeous blue,” Lund said during a tour of one of the newly remodeled bedrooms.

Almost everything inside the rooms changes, the most notable being the new color scheme.

“Going from this creamy yellow and brown to this beautiful gray and blue, and then new mirrors, new carpets, new draperies here too, and new sofas and really neat Sioux Falls artwork,” said Monday.

These changes have already been completed in two guesthouse floors as staggered construction continues on the next six guesthouse floors.

“There are a lot of moving parts all the time,” Lund said. “We are working with subcontractors and supply chain delays and obviously we are still doing business.”

It’s not just the rooms that have a brand new look, the entire hotel will in fact be renovated in three phases. Bedrooms are first, then Phase 2 will be a complete renovation of all spaces in the top floor meeting room and ballroom.

“We’re redoing all the carpeting, all the wall vinyl, all the drapes in this space and the chandelier as well,” Lund said.

After that, all public spaces will be in phase three, including hallways, the ground floor lobby, and public spaces.

“The atrium as you know it, if everyone comes to our St. Patrick’s Day party, and then a few months later, it’s going to be a completely different space,” Lund said.

Over the past 50 years, the hotel has undergone dozens of renovations, changing approximately every seven years.

This remodel was planned for 2020, but was put on hold during the pandemic. It should now be completed early this summer.

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