Holiday sale

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale Offers Deep Discounts, Free Games, and Lots of Coupons Until January 6th

It’s the season for big savings on video games, and on the Epic Games Store, those discounts are in full swing with a new holiday sale on the platform. Although many games have been discounted, the big advantage here is that every purchase of a full game priced over $15 nets you a $10 discount coupon, which is applied at checkout.

Coupons are unlimited until the sale ends on January 6, and theoretically you can purchase 10 games at $15 or more each to rack up up to $100 in coupons that could then be used on your ongoing purchases. Borderlands 3 for $15? This equates to just $5 with coupon applied.

Epic will also be giving away one free game every day for the next 15 days, with the December 17 giveaway being Shenmue 3. As for the actual deals? Battlefield 2042 is just $30, scary card game Registration is barely $6, and the wonderful Hitman 3 dropped to $24. Here’s a look at some other highlights from the holiday sale, which has over 1,300 games discounted.

If Epic isn’t your favorite store, there are alternatives to look out for. Fanatical is offering a few thousand games at a discount in its own ongoing holiday sale, and the Steam Winter Sale kicks off next week on December 22.

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