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Four stories with condos to add above the Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown | Regional

MISSOULA, Mont. – The city’s need for more housing is still a major issue, but a downtown hotel is planning to add another option for people looking to relocate to Missoula.

The Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown plans to add four floors above the hotel, which would contain 28 luxury condos or residences.

Majority hotel owner Charles McDermid came up with the idea about six months ago. But Holiday Inn was originally built with wood, so adding four stories above the building took some extra thought.

“So I thought, well, ‘let’s build a steel and concrete cage over the building,’” McDermid said.

This idea was supported by structural engineers.

The expansion will add 48 hundred square feet with condos or “luxury residences”, a new restaurant and a rooftop bar open to the public.

“At the rooftop bar, there will be a full bar, there will be two hot tubs, to provide two different temperatures,” McDermid said.

He said the expansion would also help generate income for businesses in Missoula and downtown Missoula.

“We are supporting local businesses, we are supporting tax revenue and we believe it will be money coming into Missoula that would not otherwise be in Missoula,” he said.

McDermid said upscale hotels like the Five Seasons are adding luxury residents to their hotels. Thus, to better integrate, the Holiday Inn will be renamed “voco”, which is an international hotel brand owned by Intercontinental Hotels Group.

The construction is expected to cost around $ 21 million, not including ancillary costs like architecture or real estate commissions.

There is no exact timeline for the construction of these condos, but McDermid hopes to innovate in a year.

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