Holiday season

Have a happy holiday season in Philly

It’s the season, yes, and thanks for reading our special vacation edition.

No time of year hits us better than Peak Holiday Time in Philly for taking sips (whiskey) and candy (cookies) seriously. We dig into the weird stuff at Kindy’s, then drink cocktails by the fireside. .

We also looked to a few of our colleagues for their picks for a delightful and joyful week of vacation.

– Ashley Hoffman (@_AshleyHoffman,

Today we visit Kindy’s Christmas Factory Outlet in South Philly, one of the city’s most iconic vacation shops – and experiences – where joy has spread with force.

“In this upside down Christmas store, this tough holiday warehouse store that’s as nostalgic as Macy’s light show and as maddening as the village of Dickens, it’s just as likely that you can meet Santa Claus. as you could Krampus at any corner, “writes our journalist Stéphanie Farr.

We’ve made a list of the things you’ll find there and double-checked it. Pre-lit palm tree? To verify. Fake cardboard fireplaces? To verify. Inflatable pig and a Santa Claus with a garland bow tie? Check it out, check it out. Don’t expect frills.

🥃 We follow our food critic Craig LaBan to the honey-colored bottle described as “no burns, just Canadian silk” in his guide to the best holiday whiskey.

🐻 “Do you know of any good toy stores? ” “Yes sir.” Reference of the film! (Hint: 🏠 😱) Over here for the best toy stores in town.

Philadelphia Ballet Nutcracker is back for dreamers. Spin around in our behind-the-scenes photo gallery.

🍭 And for more visions to dance through your head, check out this centuries-old handcrafted treat in this fascinating video.

Where to warm up by the fire? Glad you asked the question, because we’ve got the 20 best places to warm yourself in front of a fully functional fireplace for a warm moment.

?? + The one that looks like an outdoor ski chalet: Three words: Peanut butter whiskey. That’s what they put in the hot chocolate here. And they also have local winter beers and hot cider at the Assembly Rooftop Lounge.

?? + The one with the nostalgic atmosphere: The fireplace in Philly’s oldest working tavern was once needed at McGillin’s Olde Ale House. Expect 1,000 feet of garland, 3,000 lights, and hundreds of ornaments and bows.

?? + The one with the tacos: Relax by the modern fireplace with a menu that has received accolades from Craig LaBan at Condesa.

?? + The one with the right list of beers: Savor a local beer from the reverse side Wood burning fireplace in Devil’s Den.

These are the best bars and restaurants with fireplaces.

?? “Making a cup of hot chocolate and strolling through the Miracle on S. 13th St. light show is one of my favorite ways to spend vacation evenings. I also tend to go there more than once a season! – Jillian Wilson, editor-in-chief of services, whom you know from our Things To Do newsletter and whom you may have seen eating pizza or tacos … or hanging out too late in her neighborhood bar.

?? “Le Caveau is just… comfortable and effortless, like your favorite winter sweater that you never want to take off. Whether I’m in the holiday mood or not, Le Caveau and sister spot Good King Tavern transport me to a different place and time, with the help of cold meats, draft negronis, French hot dogs (you read that right) and fun events – in December, Tuesdays are nicknamed Night Class, where they poured champagne and other bubbles to ‘study’. My favorite kind of homework, and there are two more “Course” on books. “ – Associate Food Editor Joseph Hernandez. When not looking for comfortable places to have a glass of wine, he is found marveling wines that go well with tears.

?? “My family has Thanksgiving in style, so at Christmas we tend to back off. In recent years, instead of traditional holiday dishes, we have avoided Christmas ham and opted for spicy Sichuan cuisine. Our choice was to be tourists in our own town for one night while strolling through Spruce Street Harbor Park, then Han dynasty for dinner. “ – Kerith Gabriel, newsletter editor.

?? And I’m home alone for Christmas like my personal hero Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, but you’re never alone in Philly. I will be exchange cookies with my neighbors, and I can’t stop cooking the chocolate chip cookie sandwiches adapted by Philadelphia artist Marian Bailey from our list of locals cookie recipes. – Ashley Hoffman, sincerely yours, newsletter strategist.

The Christmas Village has become a downtown holiday tradition – a tradition that has shifted repeatedly between Dilworth Park and LOVE Park. The question of the day : Do you know the first year of opening of the Christmas Village here in Philadelphia? Check out this comeback story to find the answer.

Want more? I’ll be back with the news on Sunday. (Yes, it was another Alone at home reference.)

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