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Holiday Inn Abilene to Begin Construction on New Facilities Soon | New

After completing a recent planning and zoning meeting with the Town of Abilene, Naryan, Inc, owner of the Holiday Inn Express of Abilene, obtained their grading permit to begin the early stages of construction planning.

“They’ll be moving here soon,” City Manager Ron Marsh said. “I don’t know when construction will start. Some required reports that we need in regards to the infrastructure works, but once we get them we should be up and running. “

Earlier, on November 16, 2020, Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation director Chuck Scott told commissioners that the new construction start date would be 90 days from the meeting. Due to the pandemic and financial reasons, construction plans have been postponed until fall 2021.

Naryan, Inc built the original Holiday Inn Express in Abilene 20 years ago and began plans for a new facility before the pandemic.

“Late 2016 or late 2017 when it started, and just (stalled) for a myriad of reasons,” Marsh said. “Between Covid and funding and development and stuff, it’s just taken a lot longer to move. The glacier likes the beat instead of what we would normally like. But at the end of the day, they should get it in the next few days. “

According to Holiday Inn Express manager Chad Rufener, construction is expected to be completed by fall 2022.

“Most of our guests who are planning events after the fall of next year, I let them know that we will no longer be in this building,” Rufener said. “We will be in the new building across the street.

The original Holiday Inn Express building will be occupied by another hotel of a different brand and will be subject to an update once construction of the new property is completed.

“We’re not 100% sure about the brand at the moment, but it will be converted to a different brand and it will undergo a renovation,” said Rufener.

Even with the glacial pace of the construction project, Marsh shares his enthusiasm for Abilene to have more local hotels.

“I think it’s great for traveling,” Marsh said. “I think this is the new style of Holiday and they are putting in the new design. It will be one of the more recent versions of Holidays. It will be good for Abilene as it will give us another hotel.

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