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Holiday Inn Express and Barrow launch Coffee Club to benefit St Mary’s Hospice

A team from HOTEL has started a successful Coffee Club to help raise funds for a special charity.

The Holiday Inn Express team, Barrow launched their first Coffee Club this week to raise funds for St Mary’s Hospice.

The club operates daily from 11am to 4pm where everyone can come in and enjoy a cup of fresh hot coffee where 20p of each drink sold will be donated to the self-funded hospice.

Robbie Gaffney, hotel marketing director and Coffee Club campaign manager, said the first day went very well.

He said: “As a hotel we started the cafe club because not many people know that they can enter the hotel and use the bar even if they are not staying at the hotel, we want to also help bring the community together and support a charity that needs all of our help.

“We started the Coffee Club before Covid and it was quite popular with residents but had to stop when restrictions came into place. We wanted to start again but with a goal this time around and decided to raise money for St Mary’s Hospice.

“I am from Barrow and know that St Mary’s Hospice is an important charity for members of the community. It is based on fundraising and donations.

The Coffee Club hopes to continue until the end of 2022 to help raise as much money as possible.

Robbie, who started at the hotel when it opened in December 2019, said: “Our coffee is good and we have cakes too, the atmosphere is really cool and cozy too.

“A lot of people go to cafes around town and they can be very busy and noisy. Our neighborhood is quiet and a lot of people said it was lovely.

Clare Paling, Area Fundraising Manager for St Mary’s Hospice, said: “St Mary’s Hospice relies on companies like Holiday Inn Express who are doing their part to donate and support the work we do.

“All of those 20 cents will soon add up to hundreds and then thousands of pounds, allowing us to continue to care for and support local patients and their families during the darkest times.

“Thanks to Robbie and the team for choosing to support the hospice, we hope that many people will make the Coffee Club their place to go for a catch-up and guilt-free treats!”

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