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Holiday Inn Guests Drive for Pets

Fatima Halloum

Humans aren’t the only creatures to endure the bitter cold of Melbourne’s winter and to help the animals at the Lost Dog’s Home, Holiday Inn Werribee will be accepting blankets and towels for the month of June.

Holiday Inn sales and marketing manager Sarah Balzer said she wanted to support charity and become a “true community hub”.

“Every year, in winter, especially with the cold, they [the Lost Dog’s home] always make a call for towels and blankets, but unfortunately because they’re understaffed…they can’t pick them up,” Ms Balzer said.

“So for us who are in Werribee, sometimes people have all these towels and blankets at home, but they just can’t afford to get to North Melbourne.

“We thought…we’ll be a central point where people can come in, drop everything off, and then we can donate and take it all away on their behalf,” she said.

Ms Balzer said people wishing to contribute could drop off their donations at the hotel.

“Just walk in through the doors, up to level eight at reception and our team will welcome them there and they can drop off whatever items they have,” she said.

“We would love to help be that little bridge between charity and Werribee.”

Donated blankets and towels must be clean, undamaged and free of damage, stains, holes or frayed edges and must not be electric.

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