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Holiday Inn ‘turns down family seeking emergency accommodation after leaving unsafe home’

Rhea Spence, 27, fiance Callum Armstrong, 29, and their three children, Skyla, six, Mila, five, and Monaia, two, were forced out of their home for four days when numerous electrical problems were occurred in a new kitchen.

Young Rochdale family say they were turned away from a Holiday Inn in Manchester after being forced to leave their ‘dangerous’ home

A Holiday Inn has turned away a family seeking “emergency accommodation” after leaving their “dangerous” home, it has been claimed.

Rhea Spence, 27, fiance Callum Armstrong, 29, and their three children, Skyla, six, Mila, five, and Monaia, two, were forced to leave their Middleton home for four days after numerous troubles with electricity as a new kitchen was being done.

Rhea, from Rochdale, claims they were originally booked at the Holiday Inn but were turned away around 10pm at night after being told they were told they hadn’t taken a “case. emergency council “.

The mother says the stay was booked through the Riverside Housing Association, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Rhea’s future father-in-law paid to keep the family at the Village Hotel in Bury after being turned away.

Their home, which is owned by Riverside Housing, was deemed unsafe by their kitchen contractor.

The family are now back home after spending four nights away.

Rhea claims her family was turned away around 10 p.m.

Rhea said: “In mid-September we had a new kitchen installer, who installed all of the new electrical appliances in the kitchen.

“Since I got the new kitchen I have had many problems with the electricity in my property – many appliances that have now failed in the last two or two and a half weeks due to a problem. with electricity. “

She says the problems caused two microwaves and a kettle to break.

She added: “My whole family was left in emergency accommodation as my property is considered unsafe and at risk of fire and electric shock.

“We don’t have heat and I have young children. When we got there the hotel turned us away and told us they weren’t taking council emergencies.

“It was 9:45 p.m., when the kids needed to be warm and in bed – we now had nowhere to go with three children at nearly 10 p.m. at night, because we didn’t have a home to go back to because that is considered dangerous.

“We had no problem before fitting out the new kitchen and we have lived there for five years.

“I have anxiety and recently stopped taking my meds because I was working on it, but it has skyrocketed them.

“I just want to be off the property – now I feel it’s dangerous.”

To fix the electrical problem, the front garden had to be dug up and the family lost £ 300 in fridge and freezer purchases because the electricity was cut.

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Joanne Scarlett, Riverside’s Strategy and Asset Delivery Manager for the North of England, said: “I am extremely sorry to learn of the issues Rhea and her family have had with replacing their kitchen and the further processing of their complaint.

“The work was carried out on our behalf by an experienced contractor and we were assured that it had been completed.

“However, it is clear that there have been problems and therefore we have suspended all work of the contractor pending a quality assurance investigation.

“This left Rhea and her family in need of temporary housing and, once again, they ran into problems. We also responded inefficiently to his complaint about the issue.

“We will contact her directly to apologize as it is clear that we have caused additional frustration in our handling of the issue. She is right to point out that she should be reimbursed for all costs incurred as a result.

“We are in regular contact with her and are in the process of making arrangements for it.

“There are many lessons to be learned from this business and I will be taking them up with my team and other teams across the company as a matter of urgency. “

A Holiday Inn spokesperson declined to comment on the incident, saying, “We are unable to comment on individual bookings due to guest privacy.”

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