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How to save on a UK vacation? Stay three miles on the road – Which one? New

Holidaymakers can save over £ 400 on a UK holiday just by swapping their location for a similar destination a few miles away.

Who? Travel compared the average hotel room rates in 10 popular cities and resorts with the costs of accommodation in similar destinations nearby and found that holidaymakers could save between £ 24 and £ 59 per room per night.

The biggest savings were made on the south Devon coast. There are only 20 miles between the two picturesque estuary towns of Salcombe and Dartmouth. The average cost of a hotel room in Salcombe is $ 209 a night. However, further up the coast in Dartmouth, holidaymakers could cut hotel costs by as much as 30%, with a hotel room costing an average of £ 150 a night. Over the course of a week, that’s a saving of £ 413.

And the results show you don’t have to compromise on quality to save money. In our survey of UK resorts and cities, Dartmouth Value for Money had the second highest customer score in our scoreboard of over 100 destinations. Pricier Salcombe was in 46th place.

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Top 10 localization savings

Site Where to stay Average economy
by night
1 Waterfront destination in Devon Dartmouth £ 150 vs Salcombe £ 209 £ 59
(20 miles away)
2 Coastal town in
East of Scotland
Dundee £ 71 against
Saint-André £ 128
£ 57
(14 km away)
3 Beach break at
East sussex
Eastbourne £ 66 vs. Brighton £ 122 £ 56
(22 miles away)
4 Somerset tours Wells £ 75 vs Bath £ 129 £ 53
(21 miles away)
5 The Cotswolds Gloucester £ 79 vs. Cheltenham £ 125 £ 46
(9 miles away)
6 Cornish harbor town Falmouth £ 125 against
£ 168
£ 43
(34 miles away)
7 Pembrokeshire Coast Tenby £ 112 vs. Saundersfoot £ 155 £ 43
(3 km away)
8 Suffolk Heritage Coast Aldeburgh £ 129 vs. Southwold £ 160 £ 31
(18 km away)
9 Scottish city break Glasgow £ 89 vs. Edinburgh £ 114 £ 25
(47 miles away)
ten North Norfolk Coast Cromer £ 139 vs. Sheringham £ 163 £ 24
(5 miles away)

Short distances can mean big savings

The average distance between the destinations we looked at was 19 miles, or roughly a 20-minute drive.

However, if you choose a holiday on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales, all you need to do is drive three miles down the Saundersfoot road and book a hotel in Tenby to save £ 43 a night or £ 301 over a week.

Tenby, with a guest score of 79%, was also rated as a better vacation spot than Saundersfoot, which scored 71%.

Save on city breaks

We didn’t just find savings on the seaside. There are also significant savings to be made on city breaks.

We’ve found that swapping Edinburgh for Glasgow will save you £ 25 per night, while choosing Gloucester over Cheltenham, 9 miles away, saves £ 46.

But the city’s biggest economy occurred in the east of Scotland. If you stay in Dundee instead of St Andrews, you save on average € 57 per night. Over the course of a week, the accommodation savings would amount to £ 399.

See the full results of our survey: The best city breaks in the UK

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