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Inuit Art Festivals sale to open in downtown Moncton

Finding the perfect gift for the art lover in your life isn’t always easy, especially when the holiday season is in full swing. Enter John Lafford who is showing his superb selection of Inuit sculptures from the Cape Dorset Inuit Art Collection in Moncton.

Coming from Sackville, New Brunswick, Lafford set up a pop-up store of his collection of Inuit sculptures for a special holiday sale at the Canvas Hotel, 55 Queen Street in downtown Moncton for most of the month of December. This is not to be missed as each certified authentic Inuit art piece is offered at a 20 percent discount to celebrate the collection being in Moncton for the very first time.

“I hope to share my love for the beauty of Inuit art with everyone in the Maritimes,” says Lafford. “This collection not only presents unique works by masters and newcomers, but it also communicates a whole way of life. I hope the unique dimension of art resonates with collectors and gift buyers – this is the opportunity to give the gift of Cape Dorset this holiday season. “

Lafford’s collection includes many sculptures in a wide price range, from $ 60 and up to $ 6,000 and up, thus fitting most budgets. Each of the sculptures was handcrafted by an Inuit artist from Kinngait (formerly Cape Dorset), the “capital of Inuit art”, and comes with the Igloo Tag which certifies its authenticity.

The Igloo Tag is a Canadian trademark created in 1958 by the federal government to protect Inuit art from copies and mass-produced pieces that seek to take advantage of cultural appropriation. For six decades, Igloo Tag has protected the rights of Inuit artists and assured collectors that their pieces are authentic. Since 2017, the rights to this mark belong to the Inuit Art Foundation, allowing Inuit artists to be masters of their own artistic representations.

Among the sculptures on display in Moncton, some by Ashevak Adla, the creator of Bear walking and Diving bear. Adla is a renowned Inuit artist who came from a family of sculptors and who studied other artists in her region, contributing to her extensive knowledge of the craft. The rounded but detailed shapes that he reveals in his sculptures make them particularly recognizable and pleasing to the eye.

Also on display is a piece by sculpture veteran Joanisie Manning, who is known for her moving portrayal of owls. Ning Ashoona carves graceful birds in stone. Emerging artists include Tony Ohutaq, whose minimalist and imaginative depictions of bears are sure to catch your eye. Adamie Mathewsie draws bold and expressive shapes from stone. Samonie Shaa is known for her impeccable finishes. And Ottokie Samuayaillie infuses each sculpture with a playful spirit in a soft style.

Openings are possible by reservation and passers-by at the Canvas Hotel can also access the showroom without an appointment. Please note that it may be necessary to wait to meet the limited number of people allowed in an indoor space during this time.

Book a private tour by contacting John Lafford at 506-364-7312 or emailing [email protected]

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