Holiday season

Know your rights when traveling this holiday season

PHOENIX – Taking off during the holidays? The Let Joe Know team speaks with experts in the travel industry about your rights when traveling. For example, are you entitled to reimbursements or reimbursements of expenses when your trip is delayed or canceled?

The answer really depends on the delay and the airline’s policies.

The US Department of Transportation regulates the airline industry and has established a number of rules that airlines must follow regarding reimbursements for canceled and delayed flights.

It is important to note that when you are canceled or delayed “significantly” the airlines must issue your refund the same way you paid. So if you paid cash you get a refund and can say NO to a voucher.

The gray area is when you need to stay an extra night in a hotel because your original flight is delayed or canceled. Are you entitled to a refund? It comes down to the airline itself. The DOT guidelines only state that the flight itself should be reimbursed, not the additional expenses; however, an airline may have an amount stated in its terms and conditions.

For example, American Airlines just changed their terms and conditions saying they can reimburse you for hotel costs, but that’s not guaranteed. They also added wording, so you need to have written approval from AA before booking the hotel for the expenses to be covered.

Scott Keyes, the founder of, says the best way to get what you want is kindness.

He says there are two things you can also try if you are late on a trip. The first is to check if another airline is flying to your destination or the second is to see if your airline or another is flying to an airport near your destination. If so, you can ask your airline to board you on that flight or get a refund for doing it yourself.


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