Holiday season

Labor shortages continue over the holiday season

Sportsmen’s Lodge Shops celebrated its grand opening in December and features a variety of shops and restaurants. With about half of the businesses in operation at the time, the mall had no trouble recruiting staff for the holiday season. | Photo courtesy of Sportsmen’s Lodge Shops

Retailers, restaurants, warehouses and other businesses are still grappling with labor shortages that have plagued many industries for much of the year. While 2021 brought a record-breaking holiday shopping season, many businesses continued to struggle with staffing issues despite this period that typically ushers in increased hiring.

In October, the National Retail Federation said he expected retailers to hire an increased number of seasonal workers compared to those who were recruited during the 2020 holiday season. Retailers began hiring for the holidays in October this year, as more and more shoppers started their holiday shopping earlier. To cope with the early start of purchases, large retailers such as walmart began hiring in the third quarter for seasonal positions as well as permanent positions to ensure they would have the necessary staff beyond the holiday season.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas showed that retail companies created 7.5% fewer seasonal jobs this year compared to 2020, and transportation and warehousing companies created 8.4% fewer jobs. The 551,400 retail jobs added are down from nearly 600,000 jobs added in 2020, representing the lowest number since 2016, when 508,800 seasonal retail jobs were added. Challenger, Gray & Christmas originally projected retailers would create 700,000 jobs over the holiday season. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more job openings than there are unemployed.

Companies have started to change their hiring practices to encourage more people to apply for open positions. The pandemic has changed the way companies approach hiring, as more workers have realized their worth in choosing where they want to work, so companies have started offering higher wages and signing bonuses. to get more applications. Some companies even offer health care benefits and tuition reimbursements to recruit workers. During Business Intern interview, Daniel Zhao, senior economist on the employer-review site Glass door says he believes there is no labor shortage but rather a number of workers on the sidelines who would be willing to work under good conditions.

“I would say ‘labour shortage’ is a tricky term because it implies that there are no workers available,” Zhao said in a Dec. 12 post by Rachel DuRose and Madison Hoff. “What we do know is that there are a significant number of workers on the sidelines who would be ready to return to work if the conditions were right.”

Target took a different approach to its seasonal hiring plans by reducing seasonal hiring and instead offering more hours to its existing employees. The company said it expects current employees to work about 5 million additional hours over the holiday season.

In May, the sportswear brand under protection raised his starting salary to $15 an hour, a move that put the company in good stead during the holiday season. The company also has a short-term incentive program that pays bonuses to store employees who meet their monthly goals.

Small businesses facing labor shortages aren’t always able to compete with big companies offering unprecedented bonuses and salaries, but many business owners are still optimistic about the future . the MetLife and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Index found that 38% of small business owners plan to hire more workers next year, up from 28% last year, and more than three quarters of small businesses are optimistic about their future.

the Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, California, opened just in time for the holiday season and features a mix of retail stores and restaurants. The center celebrated its grand opening and groundbreaking ceremony in December with around half of businesses open for business, including retailers Vuori, Erewhon and PF Movement, as well as restaurants Hiho Cheeseburger and SUGAR FISH.

The inauguration attracted many residents to discover the new center and the shops that were open. Mall retailers were pleased with the additional traffic generated by the event.

FP Movement, the sportswear sub-brand of free people which has been opening physical stores since 2020, started hiring ahead of the holiday season to ensure it had enough staff from the start. It is also well positioned being close to another sportswear brand, Vuori, and a soon to be opened store. Equinox, making the shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge an ideal destination for those interested in an active lifestyle.

“We had no trouble finding staff for this place. We’re a bit more of a niche market, so there’s been a lot of interest and excitement around that, but we have the advantage of having people coming from our collectible stores who have a lot of internal interest in the brand,” said Mel Gribben, regional brand manager of FP Movement. “We’ve also hired a lot from outside, as the fitness and wellness industry is booming, so we have a lot of people who are interested and looking to be with us.”

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