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Leave the beaches behind, visit these 10 forts in Goa on your next vacation

Goa is considered as the ideal holiday destination. It is famous for its beaches, clubs, restaurants, parties, concerts, etc. Whatever the season, people love spending time in Goa. Girls love spending time on the beach showing off their beach bods while boys love walking around in floral shirts and shorts. However, do you know what else Goa is famous for? Forts. Yes, Goa is also a place for history buffs with ancient forts standing at the water’s edge. Let’s look at 10 famous forts in Goa that should be on your itinerary on your next visit to the state.

Fort of Betul

This fort in South Goa was built in 1679. It is located next to Mobor Beach. If you like adventures, you can visit this abandoned fort for fun.

Ponda Fort

The fort was named after the brave ruler Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It has a life-size statue of the Maratha ruler and is said to be a famous picnic spot in North Goa.

Fort Rachol

The fort’s colorful gate still stands after witnessing various ancient conflicts. It was built after the defeat of the Kadamba dynasty. This fort is nothing less than a serene experience for visitors.

Anjediva Fort

The fort was built during Portuguese rule and is 87 km from South Goa. The magnificent fort is located in a secluded location and is an ideal weekend destination away from city life.

Fort Aguada

The famous Goa Fort is a must visit place if you are in North Goa. It opens at 7am and closes around 6pm. The fort faces the Arabian Sea and is an ideal filming location.

Nanuz Fort

The fort has witnessed the history of Goa very closely. The architecture of the fort is unique as it is an amalgamation of Portuguese and Mughal cultures.

Fort Chapora

When we talk about forts in Goa, one fort that always makes its way into the list is Chapora Fort. He was featured in Dil Chahta Hai. You can also have your Dil Chahta Hai moment here with your friends.

Terekhol Fort

This heritage fort hotel is a luxurious place to spend some quality time in the ruins of history. There is also a church present in the premises of the fort where people can offer prayers.

Fort Reis Magos

One of the oldest forts in Goa still holds its head high. It was built in 1551 and served as an invasion site for the Portuguese. If you are a history and nature lover, you must visit this fort.

Fort of Cabo Da Rama

There are various stories associated with this fort in South Goa. One of the stories tells that Lord Rama spent his time with Sita and Laxman at this place during their exile. Hence, he has Rama in his name.

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