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Light Novel Holiday Sale with Final Hope, AR Dragonfly and From Ashe

If you have a device capable of reading eBooks and want to start a journey of three fantastic series, then Google Play is where you’ll want to head as a lightweight novel series. Final hope, dragonfly AR, and From Ashe are all on sale for just $ 0.99 per volume, down from the original price of $ 4.99.

Final hope
Number of volumes: 2
Status: Completed


Final Hope centers around Mikomi Saigo, who inherits Onyx Technology Ventures from her father. Mikomi manages to finish her father’s job, but the day before the announcement of the completion of an advanced AI, he is gunned down in the company’s parking lot. He wakes up 10 years in the past with all his memories intact of where he meets Sebastian, a time keeper. Mikomi has been given a second chance and decides he wants to do more than just find his killer … he wants to change some of the most unpleasant things in his life, but the more he changes, the more the world reacts.

dragonfly RAdragonfly RA
Number of volumes: 14
Status: Completed


Amber Ryann is the # 1 player in the online fighting game Blaze Auras. Behind the keyboard, Amber is very outgoing with a sarcastic demeanor; However, when in public she is very introverted and suffers from a severe case of social anxiety. One day, she meets a player named Khaine who shows how complacent she has become. She develops a rivalry with Khaine but what happens when the two meet in real life?

From AsheFrom Ashe
Number of volumes: 4
Status: In progress


Ashe Sawyer wants to become an author; However, she discovers that a writer’s path is not always paved with gold. Ashe seeks to take this trip alongside her childhood friend and roommate, Renji Keita. Renji is a NEET (not in employment, education or training); However, Ashe doesn’t have the heart to chase him away due to a turbulent but mysterious past together. When Ashe isn’t writing or dealing with Renji, she’s a content manager for a leading tech company called In / Source… which becomes the bane of her existence. Junk work, a frustrating roommate, and poor writing skills. These are just a few of the challenges Ashe faces as she embarks on a journey to become a published author!

The sale runs from Monday December 13 to Monday December 27! You can find links to the books by clicking here.

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