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Luxury French Skincare Brand Launches Holiday Surprise Sale on Favorite Anti-Aging Products

(Good things Utah) Did you know that just sitting in front of your phones, tablets and laptops can prematurely age your skin? But here’s the icing on the holiday cake, Ulli Haslacher knows how to stop this damage in just 60 seconds!

Luckily, Ulli’s brand, Pour Moi Skincare has created a product that is kind of a “safety guard” for your face and will stop the radiation of blue light so you can have beautiful skin all year round.

Buy the Merry Mask Duo value box

Includes two beautiful high performance gel masks different from France – the Botanical Reversal Mask (aka The Blue Light Defender) and the French Rose Moisture Mask (aka The Pollution Defender).

These sensory anti-aging beauty treatments are specifically formulated to defend your complexion against two major issues of 21st century skin aging: blue light from your electronic devices and air pollution.

The best news? For a limited time, the Duo Merry Mask Pour Moi Skincare is available and at rock-bottom prices. So you can get one for yourself and one for that special someone on your list.

Buy this amazing offer by going to Skin Care For Me – Holiday Deals or find out more about this game-changing brand on their website.

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