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Man accused of pushing girlfriend off Holiday Inn balcony

The woman told police her boyfriend pushed her from a seventh-floor balcony. She suffered a broken neck, crushed spine and multiple injuries to internal organs

ST. LOUIS – Police are looking for a man accused of pushing his girlfriend from the seventh-floor balcony of a Holiday Inn in St. Louis, then grabbing her body and throwing it in an alley miles away.

Police said they were looking for Cameron Creamer, 29, after being charged with first degree assault and first degree kidnapping in connection with the June 30 incident. He was not arrested. No description was provided.

According to prosecution documents, EMS employees found the naked woman in an alleyway in the 1500 block of South Theresa Avenue. EMS employees said she was unable to move and was inconsistent. She was taken to the hospital for treatment and diagnosed with a fractured neck, crushed spine, and multiple injuries to internal organs, all of which indicated a fall from a significant height.

After recovering, the woman was able to tell police that she was with her boyfriend at the Holiday Inn – Forest Park from June 29 to 30. She said they had a fight while they were in the room, so she went to the balcony to get some space. While on the balcony, he came out and pushed her back, knocking her from the seventh floor to the ground.

She told the police that he then got out, loaded her into his car and left. She said he asked her to drive her to the hospital, but he told her he couldn’t. He then threw her body into the alley where she was later found.

Police reviewed security video, which showed the woman and a man entering the hotel and boarding an elevator together. Police said the man used an ID and a credit card with Cameron Creamer’s name on it to pay for the room.

According to prosecution documents, Creamer was convicted of assault and domestic violence in Hennepin County, Ill., In 2014.

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