Holiday season

Martin Lewis gives crucial advice on travel insurance ahead of summer vacation

Martin Lewis is urging people to buy travel insurance the moment they book their holiday – and no later.

The founder of Money Saving Expert says that’s because insurance isn’t just to cover your time away, it’s to cover whatever happens before that might prevent you from leaving.

In his last newsletter, he mentioned that he had already been told that someone had been diagnosed with cancer and that the planned treatments prevented him from going on a vacation already booked.

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For those who have already booked a vacation and have not taken out travel insurance, he advises them to rectify this as soon as possible.

The newsletter says, “Travel insurance isn’t just about covering you for events that happen while on vacation. It’s also for events that happen before and prevent you from leaving. Already this year, like this unfortunately happens every year someone tells me they have cancer and the planned treatments mean they can’t go on summer vacation.

“Without travel insurance, unless you hope for goodwill, options are few. Airlines and hotels don’t have to reimburse you if you’re sick (just like breaking your arm doesn’t mean you are entitled to a refund on a tennis racket), that’s what insurance is for.”

Those who travel twice a year or more are advised to seek an annual policy that covers all travel from the same providers.

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