Holiday season

Meadowbrook Mall sees many returns after the holiday season

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — After the holiday season, when family and friends give each other gifts, comes homecoming season.

After Christmas weekend, the Meadowbrook Mall saw many returns from North Central West Virginia shoppers. In fact, it prepared for the high volume of returns by staying open three hours later than its usual Sunday hours.

“Returns are always frequent after Christmas. It’s always a thing. We’re seeing a lot of traffic because of that,” said Joseph Thomas, the mall’s marketing manager.

Thomas said one of the ways the mall has limited returns in the past is through gift card purchases. Rather than buying an item at a store, customers had the option of purchasing a gift card that gave money to holders at any store in the mall. Thomas said the past few years have seen record sales figures for mall gift cards. However, there were still a lot of returns after Christmas, especially from name brands.

“I would say it would be what you expected,” Thomas said. “The bigger the store, the more returns they’ll get.”

Thomas encouraged shoppers to check a store’s return policy before coming to the mall to return an item.

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