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NLEx suspension order, toll-free holiday stay in the city of Valenzuela

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, December 14) – Motorists can still travel freely on the toll motorways in the city of Valenzuela, as the license to operate the northern Luzon motorway remains suspended on Monday, even after holding a meeting with the local government to resolve the problems with the system. RFID.

During the solutions meeting of NLEx representatives and Valenzuela city officials led by Mayor Rex Gatchalian, both sides agreed to maintain the suspension order until NLEx completes the upgrade. of the system in the implementation of its radio frequency identification system by January 30, 2021, which was the main cause of traffic on toll motorways.

The company must also be able to provide responses to the city’s proposal to completely remove toll gates, as Gatchalian noted they would not be necessary if the cashless system worked fully.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chief executive Jojo Garcia, who was also present at the meeting, supported the idea but also said barriers can be lifted during rush hours and lowered during curfew hours. as a “win-win” solution.

“By January 30, you need to finish upgrading your account management system to dramatically reduce all complaints ….[when it comes to] traffic, the ball is now on your court, ”Gatchalian told NLEx President Luigi Bautista.

The two sides also agreed to restore the cash lanes, relocate the RFID facility and increase the power of the RFID sensor from the current four watts to eight watts in two weeks. They will also sign a memorandum of understanding on consumer welfare issues.

The two-hour meeting ended on a high note as the mayor added that he was ready to hold another dialogue to allow NLEx to respond to their “barriers lifted” proposal.

He said: “You have it whenever you want, I will make myself available for further answers to our questions on ‘barriers lifted’, and that will be the answer as to when we lift the suspension.”

“We appreciate that we were able to speak in this way,” said Bautista. “Open the discussion on po iyong ating and open din tayo to talk more about it until we get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.” “

The Valenzuela city government suspended NLEx’s operating license last Monday, citing complaints from motorists about faulty RFID sensors and other issues that have made traffic conditions worse in the city.

CNN Phlippines correspondent Tristan Nodalo contributed to this report.

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