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North Adams’ Largest Hotel, Holiday Inn, Sold and Renamed | Northern Berkshires

NORTH ADAMS – Goodbye Holiday Inn; hello Downstreet Hotel.

Peregrine Group and Main Street Hospitality Group plan to buy the city’s largest hotel next month, rename and renovate it.

“It’s not going to be fancy,” Colin Kane, director of Peregrine Group, told The Eagle. “We think it will be very pleasant, with high level customer service. Our goal is not to compete with Porches or Tourists or The Williams Inn.”

The new hotel will always be “value based,” he said.

“We intend to make sure this property remains affordable,” Sarah Eustis, CEO of Main Street Hospitality, told City Council this month, “but that we improve the experience for customers with quality interiors and great hospitality, which already exists in the hotel. “

Main Street Hospitality, based in Stockbridge, operates The Porches Inn and has a long history of the Holiday Inn, Eustis told City Council. Peregrine Group is based in Rhode Island and worked with Main Street Hospitality Group on a hotel in Newport, RI, Kane said.

When the hotel changes hands, the new owners plan to renovate it.

“The finishes are tired. I think the last time she was upgraded was in the early ’90s,” Kane said. “The aim would be … to simply refresh the finish of the hall, common areas and bedrooms. “

They also plan to demolish the one-story addition to the building next year and replace it with green space, according to Kane. He does not yet know how much the changes will cost.

Renovation works may close the hotel temporarily.

“We will try to minimize the shutdown,” Kane said.

What happens to the History and Science Museum?

The transition means that the North Adams History and Science Museum, which currently occupies about 5,000 square feet of the hotel, is looking for new space, said Chuck Cahoon, chairman of the group that manages the museum, the North Adams Historical Society.

“They gave us their vision for this, and I really don’t see a place for us there anymore,” Cahoon said.

The museum is expected to move during renovations, but Kane said the group may return to a smaller space.

“We hope that if they are interested, we would welcome them back to part of the showcase,” Kane said.

But, the museum cannot downsize, Cahoon said.

“What we’re doing is we’re going to look for another possibility, another place to move because we don’t want to close our doors for very long. We can’t function with even less space.”

The museum moved from the Western Gateway Heritage State Park to the Holiday Inn several years ago.

North Adams Museum of History and Science has a new home

Today the museum is looking for a new location, but as a nonprofit it is looking for something affordable.

“We don’t have a big bankroll,” Cahoon said. Still, he has high hopes for the museum’s future.

“Sounds good if we find the right place.”

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