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Plans underway to demolish downtown Raleigh’s iconic Holiday Inn for a new 20-story luxury tower

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — The Holiday Inn in downtown Raleigh is still open and welcoming guests at this time. The days are drawing to a close before it is demolished and replaced by a new skyscraper.

The iconic circular building will go down as the city of Oaks continues to grow.

“It doesn’t surprise me…it was a matter of time,” said Raleigh resident Sydney Kraft.

New York-based development firm Tidal Real Estate Partners plans to demolish the structure and redevelop the 1.3-acre site into a 20-story mixed-use luxury tower.

The plans include hotel rooms, hundreds of apartments, retail and restaurant spaces.

Renders are not yet available.

“Raleigh has historically been underserved in the luxury and boutique lifestyle segments of the hotel space compared to other cities its size. We intend to deliver a hotel product that will be among the best from across the Southeast and what we hope will become a downtown centerpiece and home-away-from-home for Raleigh residents,” said Tidal Real Estate Partners CEO Mick Walsdorf.

The building is already a centerpiece for Wayne Hudson.

He is staying at the hotel this weekend, as he has for years whenever he visits Raleigh from Virginia.

“(I’m) very distraught,” Hudson said. “It’s central to everything and all the bars and everywhere we want to go is within walking distance. We just found out 20 minutes ago that they’re tearing it down so we hate it.”

Tidal plans to launch the project in late 2023, with project completion expected in late 2025 or early 2026.

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