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Positive Feedback for Care Hotel in Norwich Holiday Inn

5:13 pm March 22, 2022

A ‘care hotel’ on the outskirts of Norwich set up to help speed up discharge from hospital is still seen as a temporary solution by health officials.

The first patients have already started to be admitted to the makeshift Holiday Inn facility in Ipswich Road, with some having since been taken home.

Launched at the end of January, the “care hotel” welcomes hospitalized patients who do not need a bed, but who are still waiting for treatment before being able to return home, accommodated in a wing of the hotel and benefiting from 24 hour support. by Abicare.

The program, which can take 15 patients at a time, was launched as a way to free up beds in acute and community hospitals to ease pressure elsewhere in the healthcare system.

With patients now being accepted into the hotel, Cath Byford, head nurse for the Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group, said she was happy with how it was going – but still considered it as a temporary measure.

She told a GCC board meeting: ‘I’m really happy with what’s going on so far at the care hotel and we made it very clear at the start that we would have oversight of it. very close with the supplier and making sure that the patients who have been there have a really positive experience.

“But we’re also trying to do more than just put people there while they wait for their care packages.”

“I visited the care hotel a week ago and was really pleased to see people walking around in their normal clothes and exercising and the feedback we got when talking to patients were that they were getting a very good experience and the care provider was doing a very good job.

“So so far so good. However, I still see this as a temporary model and actually what we want to do the most is get people straight home from hospital at the right time.

“But given all the challenges we’ve had over the past three months, I’m really pleased that even though people haven’t been able to go straight home, they’ve moved to a different model of care and lived a very good experience. result.”

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