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Realty Group presents plans for North Adams Holiday Inn /

The Green Holiday Inn sign will go down once the downtown hotel changes hands later this month.

Colin Kane of Peregrine Group and Sarah Eustis of Main Street Hospitality share their vision for the North Adams Hotel with City Council on Tuesday.

NORTH ADAMS, Massachusetts – The Holiday Inn is about to undergo a makeover and name change.

Colin Kane, founding partner of Peregrine Group, and Sarah Eustis of Main Street Hospitality Group on Monday gave city council an overview of their plans for the 50-year-old property.

The tenants of the Main Street structure had known of a pending sale for some time. Kane said he plans to close shortly after Thanksgiving and about a year of renovations to modernize the 1974 building.

“We have been working here now on the acquisition of the hotel across the street for the past seven or eight months. And we were extremely impressed with the warm welcome we received from government officials,” did he declare.

“We don’t take it very high end. There are a lot of really strong high end offerings in that market… It’s really important for this community to have an affordable option if you are visiting MCLA, if you have a sports team that play here, if your parents are visiting. “

The 90-room Holiday Inn on the corner of Main Street was purchased in 2009 for $ 2.925 million by Larkin Realty of Burlington, Vermont. It had operated in previous years as the North Adams Inn and had opened as the Sheraton.

Kane said he would now operate independently under the name “Hotel DownStreet”.

Plans include removing the office structure built at the back in the 1980s and reorienting the main entrance to this location to face the parking lot. After the offices were built, the entrance was moved to face American Legion Drive.

The property will also be landscaped, the lighted exterior and largely dormant storefronts activated will make the property safer and more accessible for guests and the community.

“We don’t expect our business component of the hotel to boost our economy. In fact, we plan to subsidize to a large extent, this kind of activation of storefront uses,” he said. .

The biggest change will be in the dated interior, which Kane jokingly described as “Miami Vice” through Milwaukee. Efforts will be made to keep the hotel open during the renovations.

Peregrine is a 20-year-old real estate consultancy and property management company. Its portfolio includes the 43-unit public / private residential fleet on Adams & Historic Substation in Boston and the Newport Yachting Center in Rhode Island.

Main Street Hospitality operates a number of hotels, including locally the Red Lion Inn, Porches, Hotel on North and Briarcliff Hotel. Eustis, the CEO, said conversations with Holiday Inn management began nearly three years ago.

“When we talk about positioning, we mean the identity, the level of service, the quality of what is happening inside the hotel, and we always want this value proposition to be very balanced”, a- she declared. “So we intend to ensure that this property remains affordable from a price point of view, but that we enhance the guest experience with quality interiors and the great hospitality that already exists in upscale neighborhoods.”

Eustis said there was a great team and a general manager already in place and felt his group could provide more support than Burlington and synergize with Porches around the corner.

“We’re excited because we can provide them with more network, more support, more development and more network for their professional careers, which is really what we love to do,” she said.

Kane acknowledged that this would mean the current tenants will have to move out, but said Peregrine will work with them. The dermatologist will need to find a licensed space for the hotel to be patient with this, he said, and it is likely that the North Adams Museum of History and Science will have to relocate.

“We really buy into what they do as an organization. We will take the opportunity to incorporate many of the things they have archived into the design elements of the hotel, ”he said, but will not be able to accommodate the entire collection. “We hope we can be in the building, but today they occupy 5,500 square feet… and that doesn’t necessarily activate that front door.”

He said Peregrine was committed to helping “re-energize their move.”

Kane was also asked about the concrete blocks that had been put in place to prevent traffic from accessing Town Hall under the Hadley Viaduct, a long-used shortcut. He had been told there had been a security issue for hotel guests crossing the parking lot, but he said he would work with the city to see if it could be safely reopened.

Peregrine wanted to work with the community, he said earlier in the presentation.

“We are not here to tell the Town of North Adams what to do. We are here to listen to the Town of North Adams and try to achieve what the town would like to happen, what the community would like to see happen. is happening, “he said.

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