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Save 83% on the 2-year VPN plan with 3-month bonus

Now available from virtual private network (VPN) provider Surfshark, this the new offer is the best we have seen to secure your browsing. For just $ 3.10 per month, you’ll get two years of service and three additional months free. That means you’ll be safe through 2024 for under $ 84, which is 83% off the regular price.

You may have seen other VPN sales that offer such high discounts, but none are as generous or long as this Surfshark offer. Surfshark receives the PCMag Editors’ Choice award, which notes that it is an “excellent VPN service” whose recent audit “helps to clarify that the company follows best practices and is ready to show its work”. That said, PCMag notes that Surfshark typically comes with a “high” annual cost, which means now is a great time to purchase Surfshark protection.

If you are unfamiliar with SurfShark or other VPN services, a VPN offers web users protection against personal information theft by helping them hide or disguise what they are doing online. A single Surfshark subscription covers an unlimited number of devices, so you can protect all your phones, tablets and laptops away from home and also add extra security to your home network. Surfshark protection can also be added to devices you wouldn’t expect to need coverage, including TVs, Wi-Fi routers, and even thermostats.

Surfshark protects your devices against malware, phishing attempts, data trackers and its ad blocker minimizes intrusive banners and pop-ups. They also maintain a no-logging policy which means your data simply passes through the system with no trace of where you logged in or where you were surfing. You can also perform multiple connection hops, adding an extra layer of security to your online activity.

If you’ve reverted to regular travel in 2021, a VPN is also a great idea to have handy when connecting to Wi-Fi signals in cafes, airports, restaurants, and anywhere else your signal can be shared. by other people. If you’re traveling for work, it makes protecting your data on a corporate laptop even more important.

Unlike other VPNs, Surfshark knows that you don’t always want the service turned on and that some sites just don’t play well with their type of data blocking. That’s why it has built a bypass system that allows you to register and grant permission to select sites and use them normally. Whether it’s because they have their own built-in security or just to speed up your browsing on sites you feel safe and secure, this is a good option out there.

You can sign up for the full Surfshark offer here, but if you don’t want to go through a 27-month commitment, Surfshark has also reduced the six-month subscriptions to $ 8.45 per month, which is 53% off the regular monthly price.

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