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SOTC Travel announces its Holiday Super Sale for travelers

SOTC Travel has announced its “Holiday Super Sale” to celebrate its 70th anniversary. This sale includes unique and exciting sightseeing packages to exotic international destinations for travelers, as well as a free 4-day international vacation to Singapore / Thailand / Malaysia / Dubai / Egypt / Mauritius.

The Holiday Super Sale will begin August 21-31, giving travelers a 10-day opportunity to take advantage of offers and discounts on a number of international holidays ranging from 5-10 days to scenic destinations in Asia. , Europe, Africa, and Australia, as well as a range of domestic destinations. These offers are available online (mobile and website) and offline, and offer the best experiences at very attractive prices to new age travelers.

For more than seven decades, SOTC Travel has redefined the travel industry with unique and innovative offerings to enhance the vacation experiences of experiential and ambitious travelers across the country. we are happy to launch winter and holiday offers.

Daniel D’souza, President and Country Head, Leisure, SOTC Travel said, “After an overwhelming response to our special summer super sale, we are happy to launch our winter and holiday season offers. This 10-day sale is tailor-made to meet the dynamic preferences of our various travel segments and meet their budgets. Having always been a popular and customer-centric travel agency, we offer specially selected packages to international and domestic destinations at attractive prices to further delight our customers. With this, we not only offer great value for money, but we also channel vacation demand among our travelers to ensure they have the opportunity to create lasting memories. “

The packages included are:


1. 5 Day Scenic Phuket

Rs. 29,200

2. 7 day Malaysia with Singapore (pay 5 Nts and stay 6 Nts.)

Rs. 74,800

3. 8-day Egyptian wonders

Rs. 1 02 100

4. Highlights of 7 days in Australia

Rs. 1 73 900

5. 10-day European splendours

Rs. 1,59,800

6. 8-day European dreams

Rs. 1,27,200

7. 8 day Russia with Almaty

Rs. 99,400 (ex-Delhi)

8. 8 day South Africa with Kwantu

Rs. 1,40,400


4 days Bali / Bangkok / Phuket / Pattaya / Kuala Lumpur / Colombo at only Rs. 6,990

4 days Krabi / Langkawi / Penang at only Rs. 9,990

Inclusions – Accommodation, breakfast, city tour and round-trip airport transfers


1. 6 day Bhutan – Rs. 47,200 (ex-Delhi)

2. 6 day Andaman – Rs. 41,900

3. 2 day Rann Utsav – Rs. 8,900 (Ex-Bhuj) Land only

Also get a free 4-day international stay during your vacation. You can choose from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Dubai, Egypt, and Mauritius. This stay includes accommodation, sightseeing, transfers and breakfast.

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