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St Vincent signs a contract for the construction of the Holiday Inn Express

The Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has entered into a contractual agreement with NH International (Caribbean) Limited for the construction of the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Diamond.

This was done at a contract signing ceremony in the Cabinet Room yesterday where Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves signed on behalf of the government and NH International CEO Kit Kennedy signed on behalf of his company .

Gonsalves gave an outline of the project indicating that the hotel would be a 92-room property built at a cost of EC$52 million. He mentioned that NH International is the largest such company in the region and has a good track record, having completed similar and larger construction projects to the one that is about to be undertaken at Diamond.

Gonsalves also introduced the government’s Hotel Project Implementation Unit (HPIU) headed by Dr. Rudy Matthias, who will monitor progress during the construction phase of this hotel as well as the hotel to be built at Mt Wynne.

NH International (Caribbean) Ltd CEO Kit Kenndy also made brief comments ahead of the signing of the contracts, emphasizing his company’s values ​​and his intention to be a true Caribbean entity.

This, he said, is achieved through its flagship internship program where young engineers in the region have the opportunity to develop and grow through training and knowledge transfer, thus contributing to the sustainability of this essential skill set in the region.

Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves was also present at the ceremony and addressed the financial aspect of the project, assuring Vincentians that funds for this project have been fully secured by the government through a grant from the CARICOM Development Fund.

He also commented on the transformation of the Diamond area from pasture just over a decade ago, and that the construction of this hotel will positively add to this ongoing transformation.

Meanwhile, South Windward Constituency MP Frederick Stephenson expressed his joy that construction was about to begin and thanked the Prime Minister for delivering on the promise to build the hotel in the area.

He spoke of the positive impact the hotel would have on the economic activity of his constituency, as many people could benefit from the jobs that will be created during the construction phase.

Construction of the Holiday Inn Express is expected to take approximately 18 months and, at its peak, employ more than 120 construction workers

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