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The best Nintendo Switch deals during the 2021 holiday sales

Nintendo is having another big sale on the Nintendo Game Store, with a wide range of discounts on some of our favorite Switch games. The current holiday sale ends on December 31, so you still have three or four days to purchase some fantastic games at great prices. Whether you’ve got a Switch for Christmas and need to tidy up your library, or you’re a first-time Switch owner looking for something new to play, you’ll find something you’ll want to buy during this Christmas. sale. Here are our picks for the best deals you’ll find on the Switch Vacation Sale.


Yeah, Underworld– the best game of 2020 and one of the best in the entire century to date – is on sale for $ 16.24. That’s 35% off the regular price of $ 24.99; These aren’t the biggest savings you’ll find during the holiday sales, but you probably won’t be playing a better game than Underworld very soon, and it’s about as cheap as ever on the Switch.


Supergiant made our Game of the Year list for the past decade with the best games of 2011 and 2020. The developers of Underworld first made a name for himself with Bastion, a loss-and-corruption action RPG that’s both emotionally and mechanically powerful. Honestly, it could be as good as Underworld, and right now it’s only $ 2.99 on the Switch, which is a real steal.


The door of death, one of our favorite games of 2021, didn’t release on Switch until the end of November, but it’s already on sale for the holidays. Normally $ 19.99, you can get this confusing mix of Metroid and Zelda for $ 14.99 right now, which is a 25% discount. If you haven’t experienced The door of death however, now is the time to give it a shot.


Last year i wrote this Generation Umurangi “is a vital, current and powerful game that strangely captures the vibe of its time.” It’s been over a year, but we’re still hiding from a dangerous virus that is spreading unchecked around the world, and violence, unrest and general uncertainty still looms over our daily lives, so I would say Generation Umurangi is about as relevant today as it was, oh, 18 months ago. You can pick up this overlooked modern classic for $ 12.49 right now, which is exactly half its regular price.


the Mega Man Heritage Collection bundles the first six Mega Man games into one package, making it perhaps the biggest collection of classic 8-bit platformers you can find. Right now, it’s $ 9.99, or 33% off the regular asking price of $ 14.99. And if you want to see how the Blue Bomber handled the jump beyond 8-bit, you can tack on Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, including Mega man 7 of the SNES, Mega man 8 from the PlayStation, then the retro 2000s covers of Mega man 9 and ten, also on sale for $ 9.99.


Kentucky Highway Zero is one of the best and most important games of the last decade, and the TV Edition is currently on sale for $ 14.99. It’s normally $ 24.99, so that’s a solid discount. Kentucky Highway Zero is a realistic and magical adventure through the woods of a mythical and mysterious America, and one of the few games that is obviously inspired by David Lynch without blatantly ripping him off. It won’t be to everyone’s liking, but if you don’t mind your games being slow, thoughtful, and esoteric, you might resonate with it. In our opinion, this is a must have game if you want to fully grasp the potential and possibilities of games as a medium and an art form.


Genesis Black is a hallucinogenic point-and-click adventure that simultaneously riffs on jazz, noir, impressionism and the endless mysteries of the cosmos. He’s teeming with great ideas, and while they don’t all mesh together in one compelling phrase, the unbridled excitement with which he tears up those ideas is exhilarating. This is another game that you will find rather high on a Pastry year-end list, and right now it’s only $ 9.74 on the Switch, which is $ 5.25 cheaper than the regular price of $ 14.99.

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Without beefIt’s a bit long in the tooth today – he’ll be six next month, which is essentially geriatric in terms of the game. The spooky mystery game still holds up today, and with a much anticipated sequel this year. Next, it’s a great time to try out the original, especially since it only costs $ 1.99 on the Switch. That’s 80% off the standard price of $ 9.99, making it a tough deal to resist.

Other good deals: Night in the woods for $ 9.99; Limbo for $ 1.99; Minit for $ 3.99; Into the breach for $ 7.49; Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition for $ 9.99; Donut County for $ 3.79; Streets of Rage 4 for $ 14.99.

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