Holiday season

The holiday season is more faced with hunger, but also more willing to help

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) — During the holiday season, it’s safe to say that people tend to be generous, and Feeding South Dakota is one of the places where the experience comes alive.

The nonprofit says it is seeing an increase in the number of people it serves, as well as the amount of financial and food donations it receives.

Shawn Burke of Feeding South Dakota says they use the holiday spirit to their advantage by hosting food drives near the end of the year.

He says vacations contribute a lot of the money and food they save, which will be used over the next year.

The organization says this year has been particularly difficult, due to higher than normal associated costs.

Burke says that during their times of need, they rely on long-time donors to help them through.

“We can’t really live without it, frankly. This money, especially this year, because we have to spend much more money on purchased products than on donated products. It’s just because of supply chain issues, food access and everything else. We have the same issues with food availability that people see in grocery stores. »

Burke says most of the money they get is used to buy food or get food shipped to them. Which, he says, is particularly expensive due to the price of gasoline and the lack of available trucks.

The organization says the rest goes to things like staffing and the building where they operate.

He says a food distribution that would normally see 80 people now sees around 120, and adds that the increase makes them rely even more on volunteers, of whom they are always looking for more.

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