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Tips for Tipping This Holiday Season – NBC Connecticut

Tipping can be tricky on the holidays. Who to tip and how much?

Similar to salaries, tips are not something we talk about that much.

In a recent survey, found that 45% of people would increase their usual tip amount for service providers they give throughout the year, such as hairdressers and restaurant servers.

They found that cleaners are most likely to get something extra.

“So maybe the norm is 15 or 20%, but you increase it. Sometimes a really good holiday tip is to give something equivalent to the service,” said Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst for

How about these holiday gift tips for people you want to thank specifically at this time of year, like a teacher or a garbage collector?

“We found that just under half of people tipped in each of the scenarios we asked about. Thus, it went from as little as 19% for waste and recycling collectors. A little better for postmen, teachers, landscapers, then up to 47% for housekeepers,” he said.

Rossman says crowdsourcing doesn’t hurt. Ask your neighbors what they give. Maybe pool for a gift.

But if you need some guidance, says those who tip tip a median of $20 to garbage collectors and letter carriers, $25 to teachers, and $50 to housekeepers and childcare providers.

Norfolk’s Nikki Williams, who was shopping at The Shops at Farmington Valley in Canton, wants to tip well.

“You have to think about the people who have been on the ground since the pandemic happened. Just working overtime to make sure we get the things we need.

Williams worked in the hospitality industry.

“Anytime people can tip, it helps. It goes a long way because you don’t really earn much in the hospitality industry. So tip your servers, tip whoever you can, do it.

And if times are tough, don’t get yourself into financial trouble by tipping extra.

A warm thank you or a handwritten card can go a long way.

Rossman even suggests leaving out prepackaged snacks or drinks for a delivery driver, as some companies have specific rules about what exactly their employees can take.

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