Holiday season

Travelers delighted with the holiday season despite the omicron variant

As the omicron variant cancels hundreds of flights across the country, travelers who spoke with News 2 said they were excited for a family vacation.

GREENSBORO, North Carolina — With the omicron variant canceling hundreds of flights across the country, travelers at Piedmont International Airport on Friday said they had easy trips.

“It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad at all. It wasn’t as busy as expected,” said Tim Price, who was returning to Greensboro after a month in Buffalo, NY for work.

AAA estimates that more than 109 million people will fly 50 miles or more between Dec. 23 and Jan. 2, a 34% increase from 2020. Airlines are expected to see a 184% increase in passengers from to 2020. Vaccines give some people more confidence.

“We all masked up last year,” said Joy Hausberg, who traveled from New York to visit family. “(We’re) still masked this year. At least this year we’re vaccinated and feel a bit safer traveling.”

The Transportation Security Administration plans to screen nearly 30 million people this holiday season.

“(LaGuardia Airport) was fine. It wasn’t sorry or anything,” Hausberg said of his trip. “The roads to get there were great. It was a great day to travel, but LaGuardia was fine.”

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Phaysal Williams-Ross was waiting for her mother to arrive from Waterloo, Iowa at PTI They haven’t seen each other in a year and a half due to the pandemic.

“This will truly be the first time that we all get together, all of my daughters and grandchildren,” Williams-Ross said. “We didn’t go for Thanksgiving. It will be a happy occasion this year.”

After two tough years, many people are looking for a sense of normalcy with their families and the opportunity to truly celebrate the season.

“We’re just happy to be back in Greensboro,” said Sean Perla, returning from Buffalo.

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