Holiday season

What is the summer holiday season like in Mallorca?

“Why isn’t the town hall busy promoting the joys of Palma?”


The sun is shining, there are few restrictions. Palma is open for business, so why isn’t the city council promoting the city as a weekend vacation destination? The majority of people in North Europe are desperate to go on vacation and one thing we should have learned during the pandemic is that it’s about taking action today because you don’t know what tomorrow might bring.

The sight of a few tourists around Palma would be welcome, especially for the struggling hospitality industry. Palma is not like the seaside resorts, everything is open and there is a lot going on there, from the Easter funfair to markets and concerts. Another thing we should have learned during the pandemic is that golden opportunities are there for the taking. While the local government is busy saying we are on track for a record season, I have my doubts.

War in Ukraine, higher fuel bills and of course Covid are all issues that could easily and hard hit the industry. Do you remember last summer? In June, the local government said we were heading for a banner year, and then Covid strikes again and the industry was almost paralyzed.

Every euro that can be earned through tourism must be taken seriously. We are so lucky to have a fantastic capital, it’s up to the local authorities to spread the war and get the industry move….we shouldn’t wait for Easter to shift into high gear.

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