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Why your family Christmas vacation should be short and sweet

Sure, Aunt Bea might have a pool and spa, but that doesn’t mean you can just cut yourself and run like Bad Santa after robbing a mall if that means your Plan B hosts will end up with a bunch. extra food.

It is not just in Australia that good holiday etiquette should be observed; those going abroad for a White Christmas should also be careful with their manners.

the British School of Excellence recommends that guests staying to “always come with gifts”.

“A bottle of wine or a box of chocolates is customary, but if it’s a longer stay over Christmas, consider something more substantial or personal like a voucher for a massage or a their favorite author, “says the ESB website.

Don’t cut and run like bad Santa after he robs a mall.Credit:Miramax, Tracy Bennett

Guests should also be prepared to help around the house and not expect to be served like a Christmas turkey – just sitting around getting stuffed.

“Don’t expect your host to anticipate all of your needs and keep you fed and watered while you lounge on the sofa,” says BSE.

While Italy is on the list for a festive holiday, travelers should consider good manners not only when visiting family or friends, but also when dining on Christmas Day.

Blog Italianpod101 recommend to those who appreciate traditional Italian cuisine meals, including Christmas, must wait until everyone is served before starting to eat.

Burping is considered very rude during Christmas lunch or dinner in Italy.

Burping is considered very rude during Christmas lunch or dinner in Italy.Credit:iStock

“Don’t speak with your mouth full: Italians really don’t like to see what the food looks like in your mouth. Don’t Burp: In some countries… burping is a sign of satisfaction and satiety. But in Italy, this is unacceptable.

Those who stay must bring a bottle of wine or chocolates or flowers, SBS Cultural Atlas said, although these gifts can be given at any time of the year, of course.

Also, gift knives and scissors are considered bad luck, as is wrapping gifts in black or purple paper, in case you are thinking about changing the usual festive red and green.

While many people will be looking to stay with friends and family, including when traveling abroad, sometimes the best option is to stay close.

“If you feel that family tensions are high, we recommend that you stay in a hotel and enjoy the company on a smaller scale instead,” Ms. King said. “Maybe just for lunch or dinner, rather than sitting in each other’s personal space for days on end.”

Of course, good manners cost nothing all year round and shouldn’t be considered just at Christmas. However, now is a great time to start, especially with New Year’s resolutions just around the corner.

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