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Windstar pushes back the return to sailing and launches the 2020 holiday sales

Windstar Cruises has announced that it will postpone all crossings for 2021 until May 1.

The cruise line has canceled cruises to Alaska, Mexico and the United States that were scheduled to depart before May.


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Windstar also announced a new Have a nice trip 2020 sale, which begins December 16 for former clients and travel counselors. For the general public, it will start on December 17 and end for all on December 30, 2020.

This sale includes price reductions on certain 2021 and 2022 trips, particularly focused on the Caribbean and Tahiti. It also has a reduced deposit of 5% instead of 15%.

“We are seeing increasing interest in summer and fall 2021 and also 2022,” said Chris Prelog, president of Windstar Cruises. “Our six yachts carry only 148 to 342 passengers, and we expect the demand for small vessel cruises to continue to increase. My advice is to book now and save your desired cruise date before we all sell out. You can always cancel up to 48 hours before departure for 2021 cruises.

by Windstar recently refurbished ship, the Star breeze, will now resume the cruise on May 15, with a new itinerary called Beach Fun & Sun – A secluded Caribbean getaway, which departs from Saint-Martin and focuses on secluded beaches, adventure activities and water sports.

For more information, please visit For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit the cruise line’s website Beyond ordinary care program.

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