Holiday season

Year-round Greek hotels see occupancy rates hit 60% during the holiday season

Hotel occupancy levels in winter destinations in Greece reached 60 percent during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) announced on Monday.

Citing figures from the Winter Hotel Observatory of the Tourism Research and Prospective Institute (ITEP), HCH indicated that the large majority – 97% – of hotels in Greece mountainous the regions were open during the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, the percentage of city ​​hotels that remained open during the same period was 77 percent. That means one in four was closed.

According to figures from the observatory, the occupancy rate of urban hotels has remained low – at 33 percent in November, dropping again to 20 percent in January.

The study also indicates that “mountain and city hotels are operating in the midst of another coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic wave, with rising operating costs for energy and raw materials”, while room prices remain low (62 euros on average during the holiday season) .

The figures from the observatory relate to the functioning of the hotels all year round during the period from November 29 to January 9.

Positive signs for Greek tourism in 2022

Speaking to reporters at an online press conference on Monday, HCH Chairman Alexander Vasilikos said that despite the difficult circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, booking trends for the upcoming tourist season were positive.

“Greece will emerge from the Covid-19 crisis with a stronger brand… This is the result of the country’s serious efforts to deal with the pandemic. We are getting positive messages…but we still have to wait and see how the pandemic evolves,” he said.

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